Nurses, you are here for all of us.

And we are here for you!

Nursing is possibly the most important job on the planet! And many of you are feeling burnt-out, stressed-out, unappreciated, and might even be thinking about leaving the profession! That’s just heartbreaking.

Our mission is to help you thrive in nursing!

How do we do it?

Through community and peer support groups.

This isn’t therapy. We’re not saying you need help. But support is here if you want it.

We offer free weekly virtual group meetings and access to the Care For Nurses Community portal (kind of like social media just for nurses.)

These tools bring nurses together from all over the country. Help each other, network, make friends, share experiences. Through the power of peer groups, we believe it’s possible to find the satisfaction you were hoping for when you first decided to become a nurse.

You are not alone.

No matter what you’re going through, someone has been through worse. Sometimes you’ll be the one who needs guidance. And sometimes you’ll be the one sharing your own experience to help others.


access to online community / portal / chat

multiple weekly virtual video group calls

content library - continuous educational / resource / tips

You help us, now let us support YOU! Sign up for your free Care For Nurses Community portal account today!


(lets just list all possible objections or questions they might possibly have here)

-Come to as many or as few groups each week?

-We will not report to employers or board of nursing / This is completely confidential. We are not affiliated or report to your employer or your board of nursing.

-No cost to you

-Is this therapy? It’s different - peer support groups specifically involving and tailored to nurses allow you to lean on each other and share experience and to know that no matter what, you are not alone